Monday, February 3, 2014

A Colorful Summer...

    A Colorful Summer…
There are so many beautiful colors and patterns this season...  I usually wear a lot of neutrals...  This is me...

      "It's Only Neutral..." by lisaag on Polyvore

However; I have really fallen in love with some beautiful colorful dresses for spring and summer...  Hard to resist...  I have put together some styles with dresses as the focus in this set...  Pretty, huh?  I really love the pink.  So feminine.

    "Colorful Summer" by lisaag on Polyvore
     "Make you own statement..." by lisaag on Polyvore
I know the jury is out when it comes to matching accessories...  Having said that, you will never look more put together than if you match accessories.  It is the ultimate look of class and style...  Take a few moments to change bags.  Find a safe place to empty your bag every evening...  put a pretty bowl in your closet, and dump your stuff there...  Then when you decide what you want to wear in the morning, just grab your stuff and put it in the new bag...  

 Dresses:,, (white tulip dress only)
Bags, accessories and some shoes grabbed from

xo Lg


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