Friday, October 11, 2013

Boooo To You!

Don’t be afraid my pretties…  the wizard of oz

 What you are about to see might scare you…. Hehehehehehehe.

Halloween is a favorite time of mine, and my family.  It not only welcomes fall but is the beginning of our wonderful holiday season which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas…   

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, as well as looking to see how others decorate their homes.  I am most definitely drawn to a more old world rustic, Gothic decorating style.    

You have been warned!!!!

Beautiful Halloween mantel

This would make a beautiful Halloween costume.   

Feathered Halloween Wreaths: Symmetry is a wonderfully simple decorating tool to guide you in creating a seasonally beautiful entryway -- at Halloween or any holiday time. Here, two black feather wreaths, accented with long lengths of shimmery silver ribbon, dress up the towering front doors. Whimsical -- and not-too-spooky -- faux ravens beckon their own sort of welcome.     Black fur wreaths...  

Pumpkins Painted with Flat Black Paint | 24 Beautiful And Stylish Ways To Decorate For Halloween   

a98100_1000_diningtable.jpg   4017_100708_appleheads.jpg
See anyone in here that you know?

cloth-ghosts-phobias-1011mld107647.jpg   candy-dish-phobias-1011mld107647.jpg

mla103714_1008_ghostly.jpg  md106062_1010_msl_sw_halloween_0090_bones.jpg   

Lit Twig Oversized Spider
What could be better that a spider that spans eight feet?  I love this.

Glitter Spider Vase Filler

Happy Halloween String Lights
What do you call a fat jack-o-lantern?........  a plumpkin!

Spooky Gothic Black and White Bird Print, Fine Art Photography Bird, Crow, Raven, Blackbird, Halloween Art, "Grackle No. 2"
It can not be Halloween without a black crow!  My favorite! 

View in Room


I wish you a happy Halloween everyone!