Saturday, May 25, 2013

Post Number Two...

Country Living Modern Style

My husband and I have talked for a few years now about moving to the country, and building yet another home...  However; this time we want to do something quite different.  Daniel and I aren't traditional in most things...  One of them being our homes.  We love  unpredictable style and design.  I have been researching all kinds of alternative homes, and have fallen in love with a few, although I have many more designs to look over.  We wanted something we found to be beautiful, inexpensive (we want to pay cash), and very different.  A pool is MANDATORY, as well as a fireplace, and we wanted an open floor plan, no interior walls, lots of windows to let nature in, and an area for flower and vegetable gardens, and a courtyard for family bon fires, dining, and drinking our favorite wine.

I am a highly creative soul, and find joy in creating beautiful things...  I love going on Polyvore and designing rooms, gardens, outfits, etc...  This is a design I did to show my husband what I was thinking about in terms of using concrete as the shell of our house.  Keeping in mind that this is still a rough idea.

This is, of course, the front entry.  I thought it would be cool to have an enclosed walk through to the bedroom houses...  Hence the tall shutter walls...  The main house, as with the bedroom suites, will all be an open box, no fussiness here.  Tall ceilings, and stained concrete floors, and the back of the houses will be all windows.  We will have bathrooms in each suite, of course, however; as I mentioned before, we don't want traditional walls thus eliminating the need for framing and drywall...  I have been researching alternative walls to give a look of definition to an area..  That idea is still under construction in my brain, teehee.    Maybe a wall on wheels or something like that. 


This is a wonderful example of the style of kitchen that I want.  I DO NOT want upper cabinets...  But I do want and island eating area for casual family dinners.  Just a rustic, modern, country look.  Emphasis on the modern.  Clean lines, simple and needfull things only, neutral colors and fabrics, and an absence of clutter and unnecessary items.  As a highly creative person it is difficult for me to relax when I am in an area that is visually busy, so less is definitely more where I am concerned.  Even a concrete home can feel warm and inviting.  Absolute perfection.

Modern, open, warm and free.

 I was, again, designing on Polyvore...  Daniel and I prefer to mingle our favorite styles into our homes decor.  I had fun with this.

I hope you enjoyed my post today...  I would love to hear what you think.  I will continue to post my room ideas and designs.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Lg