Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Conscious Decision... STOP THE MADNESS!!!

I really try every day to "be in the moment..."  Being "in the moment" means to not look forward or back, to focus on the moment I am in.  It can be a little challenging at first because we are always consumed by interruption, and daily stress.  But, the point of this blog is to try to help you see that you can change your life, make it less stressful, more beautiful, peaceful... 

 Imagine your hectic work week...  

Now imagine the weekend away in a lovely cabin.  You get up in the morning, the birds are starting to sing, maybe it is a little chilly outside so you start a warm fire.  Your coffee is ready, and you sit with someone you love and just talk.  That sound wonderful to me.  

Une histoire de famille - Marie Claire Maison 

Perfect winter reading spot! #CDNGetaway

Holding nature. #CDNGetaway  Watching it Snow. #CDNGetaway

Bundle up. #CDNGetaway  cozy socks. #CDNGetaway

. #CDNGetaway!  :)

Why do we put ourselves under, through, over and around so much stress?  Work now, live later?  Right?   That should be a new slogan for this country.  We as Americans have to look like we have arrived.  We are livin' the good life, thee American dream.  Perhaps we need to look like we are doing better than the next guy, or we need to impress the masses with that fancy car, or house...  Stress has caused us to drink too much, eat too much, not eat enough, it interrupts our sleep and rest, causes severe depression, damages our relationships...  the list goes on.    Do you ever drive in your car in morning and evening traffic and think to yourself, or perhaps SCREAM...  "I am soooo over this daily grind?!"  Does a Range Rover, or a Lexus mean so much that you "have" to work constantly to pay for it and be away from your loved ones, or away from the things you love doing?  Is that huge house that costs a fortune to maintain on a monthly basis worth your sanity what with its enormous heating and cooling bills, water bills, community fees, taxes, blah blah blah?  What are we thinking????  Geesh!  Now I'm depressed.

Daniel and I made a conscious decision to "stop the madness" in our lives, and the lives of our daughters...  We sold our homes in Michigan, and in Texas, got rid of an extra car, purged our belongings keeping only the loved and necessary items, and moved into a lovely apartment in the city.  We can walk everywhere, and our girls still feel like they have a life. I did tons of research before we moved to make sure we were in an area that we would love.  And we do.  The first weekend we were here Daniel woke up and said he couldn't believe that he didn't have to spend his Saturday working on house maintenance.  I know.  You don't do maintenance right?  You have "people" do that for you.  Hello!  Who is paying for the "people?"  No thanks...  I would rather spend my money on travel, antiquing, or going to the cabin!

 The point I am trying to make is that our priorities are placed in the wrong areas in our lives...  We can make a conscious decision to change what is not important.  Or maybe better said, change to what is important.  

On this blessed day...  follow what is in your heart and gut...  If it doesn't feel right, change it.  God is trying to tell you something.  Listen.  

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