Monday, February 3, 2014

A Colorful Summer...

    A Colorful Summer…
There are so many beautiful colors and patterns this season...  I usually wear a lot of neutrals...  This is me...

      "It's Only Neutral..." by lisaag on Polyvore

However; I have really fallen in love with some beautiful colorful dresses for spring and summer...  Hard to resist...  I have put together some styles with dresses as the focus in this set...  Pretty, huh?  I really love the pink.  So feminine.

    "Colorful Summer" by lisaag on Polyvore
     "Make you own statement..." by lisaag on Polyvore
I know the jury is out when it comes to matching accessories...  Having said that, you will never look more put together than if you match accessories.  It is the ultimate look of class and style...  Take a few moments to change bags.  Find a safe place to empty your bag every evening...  put a pretty bowl in your closet, and dump your stuff there...  Then when you decide what you want to wear in the morning, just grab your stuff and put it in the new bag...  

 Dresses:,, (white tulip dress only)
Bags, accessories and some shoes grabbed from

xo Lg


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Smooth Jazz...

   Smooth Jazz
I love the modern style...  Natural textures, beautiful white fabrics, shells, white candles, natural fiber rugs, even soft teal, light gray, all the colors you will find at the beach...  Minimal, beautiful.

My ideal home would be a modern white house on the ocean...  It does not have to be enormous...  small and romantic is fine with me, you know, barefoot style, casual, lovely.  Just the essentials, kitchen, bath, bedroom, living space...  Clean lines, pure color, beautiful textures, and again, glowing white candles...




I don't like, nor do I need, upper cabinets in my kitchen.  I have only what I need in my kitchen...  I once had dinner at my best girlfriends house.  What a hoot!  She asked me to hand her something from her kitchen drawer...  HOLY BUCKETS!!!  Her drawer was JAM PACKED with utensils...  I could not find anything, and everything was in there.  Then, cracking up at her, I opened another drawer.  Same thing!  I counted sixteen spatula's!  And her dishwasher was full!  How the heck many spatula's does one family need?  My eyes crossed just seeing it...  Just have two and, I don't know, wash em!  Why do we complicate our lives so with "stuff"?  
                 Modern Kitchen & Traditional Coastal Architecture & Check Out That Gorgeous Built In Shelving By The Windows!




Life is so crazy hectic what with traffic, loud sounds, never ending work, and the list can go on forever...  Wouldn't it be wonderful to surround yourself with clean lines, light airy color, beautiful lighting, and peace?  It can really make a difference in your life.  A place to re-energize, listen to classical music, or your favorite smooth jazz, cook and not have anyone or anything interfering with your zen...  Sound's great to me...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boooo To You!

Don’t be afraid my pretties…  the wizard of oz

 What you are about to see might scare you…. Hehehehehehehe.

Halloween is a favorite time of mine, and my family.  It not only welcomes fall but is the beginning of our wonderful holiday season which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas…   

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, as well as looking to see how others decorate their homes.  I am most definitely drawn to a more old world rustic, Gothic decorating style.    

You have been warned!!!!

Beautiful Halloween mantel

This would make a beautiful Halloween costume.   

Feathered Halloween Wreaths: Symmetry is a wonderfully simple decorating tool to guide you in creating a seasonally beautiful entryway -- at Halloween or any holiday time. Here, two black feather wreaths, accented with long lengths of shimmery silver ribbon, dress up the towering front doors. Whimsical -- and not-too-spooky -- faux ravens beckon their own sort of welcome.     Black fur wreaths...  

Pumpkins Painted with Flat Black Paint | 24 Beautiful And Stylish Ways To Decorate For Halloween   

a98100_1000_diningtable.jpg   4017_100708_appleheads.jpg
See anyone in here that you know?

cloth-ghosts-phobias-1011mld107647.jpg   candy-dish-phobias-1011mld107647.jpg

mla103714_1008_ghostly.jpg  md106062_1010_msl_sw_halloween_0090_bones.jpg   

Lit Twig Oversized Spider
What could be better that a spider that spans eight feet?  I love this.

Glitter Spider Vase Filler

Happy Halloween String Lights
What do you call a fat jack-o-lantern?........  a plumpkin!

Spooky Gothic Black and White Bird Print, Fine Art Photography Bird, Crow, Raven, Blackbird, Halloween Art, "Grackle No. 2"
It can not be Halloween without a black crow!  My favorite! 

View in Room


I wish you a happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My New Jewelry Designs

One of my favorite things to do is to design and make jewelry...  It allows me to be creative, make wonderfully beautiful pieces, but most of all it helps me escape.  I need to have an outlet where I don't have to think about anything else but what is directly in front of me, and jewelry design does just that...  

That's right!